Michal & Kuba started their project with passion and commitment, originally aimed to photograph with “old days” standards – full of emotions and senses.

With time and those goals, the founders began to focus on music photography, to create and care for the image of artists. Their photography presents musicians in most favorable for them, yet unique light. Everyday, winning the recognition of artists and their audiences from around the world.

Michal Siergiejewicz

Detached from typical perspective and world understanding. Portrait photographer, photojournalist, entrepreneur and traveler in same time. Coauthor of Sound Journey with strong faith and head full of ideas for future paths of project.

Since he remember he was fascinated by any kind of music. When he realize that somehow he can combine photography, music and traveling everything was quite clear – it has to be done. He’s not trying to pretend that on photos anyone can show a music – frankly speaking he believes that this is not about music but people who create it. People who inspire him and thousends others everyday.

As a photographer he is interesting in everything what might have future worth for him and recipient. Even a short reflection gives him greatest satisfaction. He’s international award winning photographer by associations like WPJA and AGWPJA.

Kuba Boski

As a kid, he grew up surrounded by artists and people for whom passion had great importance. He inherited it from his grandfather, who was an excellent photographer.

Step by step he discovered his fascination for music photography. It took him years, to develop his own style. Starting (and still continuing) from street photography, he obtains from the tradition of documentary photography, and especially the theory of “decisive moment.” Constantly experimenting and evolving in his work.

Since the beginning of his interest in the music world he worked with hundreds of artists. Regardless of the music genre (from classical music, trough jazz to islandic metal) he is always trying to capture emotion and true essence of the moment.

From few years, he’s also working for one of the best modeling agencies in Eastern Europe – SPP Models. His worldwide music photography was appreciated in the Magnum Photos agency, and shown in many exhibitions and publications.

Personal website: www.kubaboski.com